What are the requirements for the program?  

 How much does the program cost? 

Is this a treatment center? 

What should I bring?

What should I expect during the interview? 

  • Self-admitted addict/alcoholic

  • 30 days of sobriety

  • Completely detoxed

  • Regularly attend recovery related meetings and working with a sponsor/mentor

  • Minimum of 32 hours work, school, IOP or other approved activity each week

  • A six month minimum stay

  • Attend weekly house meeting

Please contact us to discuss monthly program fees and the recovery deposit.

We do not accept GRH funding.

No. It is a sober house. We do not provide clinical services. Nor is it a rental property. Residents should understand that they are signing a sober house agreement and not a typical lease. 

New residents need to bring clothing, laundry supplies, toiletries and food. Residents are allowed to bring a laptop or tablet but are asked not to use them in their rooms. Each new resident is provided a bed, pillow, linens, towels and a laundry bag. A fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, cable TV and WiFi are available for resident use.


Storage is provided for clothing and a small number of personal items. 

The first step is to speak with the house manager over the phone. Please be prepared to tell the manager about your self and your recovery. Next, fill out an application on this site. Finally, you will meet with the house manager over the phone or in person for a final interview.